Molecular Engineering and Liquid Thermal (MELT) Laboratory

Dr. Sumith Yesudasan

Assistant Professor

University of New Haven


I took my first breaths in the kaleidoscopic country of India during the bustling 80s, nestled in a quaint, tightly-knit community where friendship was abundant and unforgettable memories were crafted. Nestled amidst a panorama of sprawling fields and dappled woods, I had the privilege to experience an idyllic childhood, brimming with carefree games, camaraderie, and ceaseless exploration.

College years brought a seismic shift in my life, as I discovered my unfathomable passion for computer programming. From creating dynamic games that breathed life into pixels to crafting utility tools and complex engineering software, I developed a knack for coding, an art of orchestrating binary ballet.

My intellectual quest led me to embrace the world of mechanical engineering. Proudly attaining my Masters from the National Institute of Technology Calicut, a place teeming with erudite minds, I stepped into the professional world. My career journey unfurled in the corridors of industry behemoths, namely General Electric and Delphi Automotive, where I donned the hat of a Mechanical Engineer.

While I thrived in my job, a resounding call for deeper knowledge echoed in me. Fuelled by this yearning, I went back to academia to further expand my intellectual horizon. After several years of rigorous research and countless hours spent in laboratories, I earned my doctoral degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Currently, I find myself immersed in the realm of academia as an Assistant Professor. I wield the power of Machine Learning and my nuanced understanding of micro-particle movement to craft intricate models, elucidating the mystifying phenomena of heat transfer. Apart from this, I engineer devices designed to mitigate heat in computers, safeguarding them from the perils of overheating. Simultaneously, my work extends to computer simulations, where I unlock new insights about blood clots, contributing to the vast pool of medical knowledge.

Through all these pursuits, I continue my journey of knowledge, discovery, and innovation. Today, I strive not only to deepen my own understanding but also to inspire and educate future generations, fostering a love for learning and an appreciation for the intricate dance of science and technology.


Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 2016, Syracuse University, USA

M.Tech. in Manufacturing Technology, 2007, NIT Calicut, India

B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering, 2005, Univ. of Kerala, India


2023 - till date: Assistant Professor, Director of Graduate ME program, University of New Haven, CT, USA

2020 - 2023 : Assistant Professor, Sam Houston State University, TX, USA

2018 - 2020 : Assistant Professor, University of Jamestown, ND, USA

2016 - 2018 : Postdoctoral Research Associate, School of Chemical, Materials and Biomedical Engineering, University of Georgia, GA, USA

2012 - 2016 : Teaching and Research Assistant, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Syracuse University, NY, USA

2011 - 2012 : Advanced analysis engineer, DELPHI Automotive, India

2007 - 2011 : Mechanical Engineer, General Electric Company, India

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Dr. Sumith Yesudasan

Assistant Professor

Director and Coordinator of Graduate ME program

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department

University of New Haven

300 Boston Post Rd. West Haven, CT 06516


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