"Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual.

If the people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honor for me"

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Office hours and Emails

  • Office hours are posted on your syllabus and all lengthy meetings require email appointments.

  • The preferred way to get response from me is through emails.

  • Do not send attachments or scanned assignments to my email, use Blackboard

  • For assignment or exam related questions, consolidate all questions into one email.

Courses taught at Sam Houston State University

  1. ETEC 3375 Statics

  2. ETME 4376 Applied Thermodynamics

  3. ETEC 4378 HVAC systems

  4. ETEC 4369 Mechatronics

  5. ETDD 4380 Material Handling and Plant Layout

  6. ETDD 1361 Engineering Graphics

  7. Engineering Dynamics

  8. ETME 2305 Engineering Analysis Methods

  9. Strength of Materials

Advice for Students Requesting Reference Letters

Please read the advice below before contacting me about writing you a reference letter. I'm happy to write you a letter, but I may not have the time to write you a letter that is highly personalized.

1) Students who have conducted research with me:

If we have a track record of working together (e.g. published work) then I'll be happy to write you a personalized letter. Nevertheless it would be helpful if you could:

  • Contact me at least a week before the earliest reference is required.

  • In your e-mail include a 2-3 paragraph summary of our research projects. I will rewrite this but this will save me some time.

  • Let me know of any other specifics you'd like me to include, e.g. highlights that you think won't be mentioned in your other letters.

2) Students who have taken my class:

If you are a student who has taken my class, then I will most likely submit a generic letter. The template I will use can be found below. Please consider the following when asking for a letter:

  • Fill out the below template in a word document before contacting me. I will then add a letterhead / signature.

  • You are welcome to add extra details, though I may or may not end up including them. If your work particularly stood out, e.g. you had a top-ranking assignment, then by all means include those highlights.

Template (generic):

"Recommendation Letter for Full Name

December 19, 2021

I am happy to write in support of Full Name for admission to your department’s graduate program.

First Name was a student in my class, ETEC3375 (Statics), in Fall 2025,

in which he received a grade of an A. This puts him in around the top 10-15% of the class.

My class covers the basics of vectors, free body diagrams, force estimation of structures and bridge analysis.

----write something specific about yourself and your performance in the class that you want me to write here---

Based on First Name’s performance in my class, I can confidently say that he has mastered the fundamental

concepts covered in this class, and I believe he is ready for graduate study.

I will be happy to answer further questions in support of First Name’s application by e-mail or over the phone.


Dr. Sumith Yesudasan"

Many programs give you the option to "waive the right to view the recommendation". I will not submit a letter if you do not waive this right.

3) Students requiring skills verification letters (or similar):

In addition to reference letters, some students (alumni) request "skill verification" letters each year, usually for visa purposes. These range from simple letters covering grades and course content, to detailed letters asserting your expertise in research. In both cases, letter templates are usually prepared by an immigration attorney.

Again, I am happy to write such letters, but please consider the following:

  • Either provide a template in properly formatted word document (which I can put onto letterhead) with space for my signature.

  • For a simple verification letter, pdf format is fine; for a more detailed letter, please provide a MS word copy as I will have to edit it.