Below are the most frequently asked questions related to the MSME program at University of New Haven. Please refer it prior to contacting me.

If you are a current MSME student, then enroll into the CANVAS course "MS in Mechanical Engineering".

Q1) How can I add or drop a course? I am getting an error.

ANS) Please contact registrar's office for all such queries.

Q2) I need to substitute a course with another towards my degree requirement.

ANS) Send me the details to my official email. I will initiate the process.

Q3) I have a question regarding my I-20, visa, SEVIS, OPT, OPT-Ext etc.

ANS) Please contact immigration services for such questions. 

Q4) Admission requirements for MSME.

ANS) General criteria:

International student requirements:

Q5) What courses are offered for this fall or spring semester?

ANS) Please check the current schedule 

Q6) I am not sure if I can take this course and it meets towards my degree.

ANS) First consult the latest Catalog ( ). Still have questions? Email me with the details.

Q7) Can I take a non-MECH course for my elective?

ANS) Short answer is No. However, you can discuss with me. If the course is related to Mech. Engineering theme, I may approve.

Q8) What kind of assistantships are available for new student?

ANS) When you apply to the MSME program, your credentials will be evaluated based on GRE score, Bachelor's GPA, Statement of Purpose etc. and will be recommended for Provost TA or RA program or Dean's Assistantship program. The details can be found in