If you are taking a course with me then please consult the below section before emailing me.

Q) When is exam 1 for this course?

ANS) Refer to the syllabus and the LMS (Blackboard) sections for the dates. Also, pay attention while you are in class.

Q) I missed today's class for "______" reason. Can you send the information on what you covered in the class?

ANS) Usually, I post the lecture content before or just after the class. You may read it and consult with your classmates. If you have any issues in understanding it then setup an office visit with me.

Q) Do we have class today?

ANS) If you get a notification from the university or me about class cancellations then we don't have a class. Otherwise we do!

Q) Where is your office and what are your office hours?

ANS) Refer to the syllabus.