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1. Mechatronics Laboratory

Mechatronics lab gives hands-on training on micro controller (Arduino, Raspberry Pi zero) programming, and its integration with electronic, electrical and mechanical engineering systems. sample projects include, smart temperature control of room, self driving toy cars, elevator control system, robotic arm etc.

2. Thermal Engineering Laboratory

Thermal Engineering Lab hosts thermal vision based temperature estimation, experimentation on computer cooling technologies, standard lab experiments on conductivity, thermal expansion etc.

List of Major Equipment

  • Arduino Uno 3

  • Photon Wifi

  • Raspberry Pi zero

  • 6 core Intel Xeon Workstations (3 numbers)

  • Access to HPC cluster and super computing

  • Prototyping boards

  • Stepper motors

  • Ultrasound sensors

  • Voltage relays

  • Mecanum wheeled robot

  • Haptic arms